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Schvarz Roastery

'Each cup of good coffee makes the world a better place.'

Schvarz Cafe

How it all began

Arthur has been working for different places in the coffee scene since 2005. But his passion for coffee roasting was sparked in 2013 while attending a weekend workshop at Pingo, Quijote Café in Hamburg. After that, he knew he was going to become a roaster!
Back then him and his partner Erkan already ran a greek restaurant. Convincing him to join forces for this new venture was a mere formality. For two years, Arthur had a go at the home roaster before enrolling in a roastery seminar at the Coffee Consulate in Mannheim.
2015 they founded Schvarz Coffee in Dusseldorf.

What's Important

According to Schvarz, "The market for (specialty) coffee must be built up and customers need to be taken along." This is exactly why they offer slightly darker roasted coffees (to appeal to more conventional tastes) in their roasting repertoire in addition to the lighter, fruity highlights. It is also important to Arthur and Erkan that all employees understand the entire process, from roasting to brewing the coffee. Its the only way they can respond to consumers' wishes and provide them with the best possible advice.
Procuring their green coffee, Schvarz makes sure to establish good relations with green coffee traders and not buy anything off the shelf. Their ultimate aim is to buy the raw material for their best selling coffees directly from the growers, and aquire their range of small stock specialties from traders well versed in current highlights.

Schvarz Cupping


Schvarz's coffee can be sampled directly in their facilities nestled within the unique ambience of an old industrial complex called Alte Farbwerke Dusseldorf. Their Cold Brews, Café Cream or Cappuccinos are usually accompanied by a delightful assortment of freshly baked tarts and cakes.

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