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'Damn good coffee without compromise.'

Röstbrüder Collin Vincent

How it all began

In March 2020, the brothers Collin and Vincent started a classic family business. Their love of coffee was born during their time studying at the university. Toward the end of his studies Vincent unexpectedly found himself working the roasting drum himself. Every time Collin came by he wanted to sample a new coffee to make his heart flutter and light the fire in his eyes back up again. It wasn't for long before they decided to turn their passion into a profession. Since the two have been inseparable since childhood, it quickly became clear that they would only open a roastery together.

What's Important

It is important to the Rostbruders that the work, the care, and above all the love that goes into the coffee from cultivation to roasting can be tasted in every cup. Good personal relations with their importers and customers are particularly important to them. The Rostbruders are constantly lokking for small importers who import directly, pay fair wages and offer really exciting coffee. The beans they deem to be the most remarkable end up in their small assortment until the harvest runs out. Then the game starts all over again.
'The high quality of the product is also reflected in the taste, while our coffee should be accessible and affordable for all people. The goal is to establish a taste for specialty coffee in Thuringia.'

Röstbrüder Café Szene
Röstbrüder Café


If you ever find your way to Weimar, take your time to sample Rostbruders specialites in their cozy caffé. Collin and Vincent can be found serving the coffee themselves.

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