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'Colombia's best in one cup.'

Pacande Gebirge Kolumbien

How it all began

Ana and Andreas founded the roastery Pacandé in Munich in 2018. Even before that, they took an interest in high-quality victuals - a passion that they now translate into outstanding coffee.
Pacandé's namesake can be found towering over Colombia; its a mountain that was long considered sacred. Since Ana herself hails from Colombia, it was not a big leap for them to focus their efforts there as well. Making coffee is their way of guiding people through Colombia and telling the countries' stories.

What's important

Due to Ana's origin, she an her husband are very well connected and found farmers with whom they cooperate on a long-term basis. This way the farmers have a reliable customer and can focus on cultivation. Pacandé wants to bring coffee enthusiasts and coffee farmers closer together. "Basically, we just roast the coffee, but it's a Colombian product. That's where most of the value is created. We want to tell the stories of the country. To do that, personal relationships with producers are especially important to us." That's why they don't work with cooperatives or coffee traders, but only directly with the individual farmers. Trust plays a major role in this relationship.

Kaffeebohnen Pacende Trocknungsanlage


Assisted by the Technical University of Munich, Ana and Andreas analyzed the impact of the entire coffee value chain on the environment and try to keep it as low as possible across the board. Accordingly, they use a Loring roasting machine. The patented design allows them to roast the beans and post-treat the smoke at the same time. The result is a clean, efficient roasting process with low carbon dioxide emissions.

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