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Mr. Hoban's

"Live and Let Live"

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How it all began

The desire to offer his customers something delicious already motivated Jan-Cort had as a child. Back then he sold homemade lemonade and cakes on the street in front of his house. "The customers liked it and that was a wonderful feeling - one that never went away!" This lingering sentiment accompanied Jan-Cort when he began his journey into the world of roasting culture in 2008. At that time, he founded the Café 'Black Delight'.
In 2012 he opened his own roastery "Mr. Hoban's Coffee Roastery" in Hamburg, with a lot of passion for taste, the highest quality and transparency .

What's Important

Fostering good relations along the whole supply chain Mr. Hoban's tries to keep close ties to everyone starting from the producer allt he way to the customer. He visits the coffee farmers at regular intervals. Not only to sample their produce but to chat with and learn from colleagues and producers - a knowledge exchange on equal footing. In the spirit of this fair relationship, Mr. Hoban's pays attention to pay the producers well and build trust, so all parties involved profit from each other long-term.
True to Jan-Cort (not quoting him directly though): 'Business should always be fair, so that you can look each other in the eye and think: This feels right!

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Mr. Hoban's roasts with a 35-kilo "Loring Smart Roast," which is known for its particularly low emissions. Since 2016, the roastery has also been climate and water neutral.

Mr. Hoban's specialty coffee can found in...

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