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Kofi Coffee Roastery

'Enjoy your coffee – always!'

Die Kaffeemänner vorm Café

How it all began

2012 Waldemar ordered an espresso in Berlin whose fruity and sweet taste excited him. It turned out to be a light-roasted specialty coffee. After sampling this highlight, he was into coffee right away, hook and sinker.
Shortly after returning home, he sought employment with a roastery in a neighboring town, running a mobile coffee bar at a weekly market in Minden for them. When the roastery ceased operations, he tried his hand at the craft and in 2019 the roastery was integrated into his coffee bar. Kofis Team now counts six people.

What's Important

Kofi makes a point of supporting sustainable coffee cultivation and promoting coffee's manifold nuances. Their focus lies on cooperating with farmers who hand pick their produce and focus on biodynamic processing and production. Wherever possible they foster good relations with the farmers and importers on site. Kofi also partners with green coffee importers who have demonstrated to be reliable supporters of farmers and cooperatives.
Waldemar can't stress enough that every sip should be relished! "Running the gauntlet of every day life we are all too often unable to sit back and appreciate a good cup of coffee . If we all drink less, but take time to enjoy quality, we all may be able to relish it that much longer.

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Kofi is a family-run roastery and offers specialty and organic coffee. You can enjoy a delicious espresso, Americano or cappuccino in their in-house coffee bar in Minden.

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