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Kaffeemanner from Aschersleben

'Good coffee can do without milk and sugar.'

Die Kaffeemänner vorm Café

How it all began

Kaffeemanner - that's Thomas, Dominik and their mascot Larry. Thomas and Dominik founded their own roasting company in May 2020, their first roast arriving in September. However, their efforts started way before that: Dominik first tried his hand at roasting in a pan at home. Shortly thereafter, he began working in various roasteries to acquire as much knowledge as possible on the subject of coffee. Thomas succumbed to coffee in 2008 as a barista. He traversed the globe, collecting extensive expertise in all thing to do with coffee and finished his education training as a roaster.

What's Important

The Kaffeemanner are keen to experiment at the roasting drum and partnering with like minded regional partners, concoct innovative creations such as eggnog with espresso or coffee salt. Mutual support and sustainability are particularly important to Thomas and Dominik. They pay attention to environmentally conscious packaging and offer coffee from transparent and sustainable sources. They aquire contacts with small farmers via social media, forums and their raw coffee trader in Hamburg.
The Kaffeemanner are happy to do without milk and sugar, they argue: 'We are convinced coffee should be savoured straight to be able to develop its full potential.'

Thomas am Röster


The Kaffeemänner run an open workshop and welcome every guest and inquiry. They are also happy togive you a tour behind the scenes and the marvel of manufacturing coffee - be it at the roasting drum or in the warehouse.

Kaffeemanner specialty coffees can be found in...

Klassiker Box Espresso_Kaffee
Classic Espresso