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"Unnecessarily Good"

Bonanza Cafe

How it all began

Bonanza Coffee was founded in 2006 in Berlin, at a time when latte art was a foreign word and cappuccino was still served with a huge milk cap. At that time, founder Mark Reus was already one of the worldwide pioneers of the specialty coffee scene. It all started when he and his partner Yumi Choi went on a world tour to find the best coffee roasters.

What's Important

Bonanza focuses on quality in every way. Since the beginning, Mark and the whole team worked hard to elevate coffee's appreciation and turn the spotlight on coffee farmers and their excellent work.
They pride themselves on always going the extra mile to make really good coffee. „Bonanza coffee doesn’t have to taste that way. But it does. It’s not your typical. It's unnecessarily good. Maybe that's because we're unnecessarily driven. Unnecessarily curious. Unnecessarily obsessed.”

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Bonanza Rösterei


Bonanza now has about 20 employees and three cafés in Berlin where you can enjoy unnecessarily good Café Crema, Espresso or Cold Brew.

Bonanza specialty coffees can be found in...

Klassiker Box Espresso_Kaffee
Explorer Box