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'Bloody Good Coffee'

Die Kaffeemänner vorm Café

How it began

In 2002, 19grams opened its doors in Berlin, Friedrichshain - still named 'Tres Cabezas' at that time. In the early 2000s, specialty coffee wasn't a big thing in Berlin yet. Therefore, they had to make sure Berlins' coffee afficionados developed a taste for specialty coffee. The focus wasn't just on the quality of the coffee, but creating a quality supply chain as well.
In 2018 Tres Cabezas was rebranded into '19grams and currently employs 55 people.

What's important

19grams works with farmers around the world, always exchanging ideas and learning something new. In due course, they developed solid relationships with their suppliers which allows 19grams to guarantee a high quality, sustainable and fairly traded coffee.
19grams celebrates diversity. This commitment is not just reflected in the polyglot makeup of their staff but also in their common enthusiasm to develop astounding coffees. In their own words: 'Creating a bloody good cup of coffee takes a lot of wo/manpower, knowledge, team work and love by humans from all around the world.'

Sonora Kaffeepflücker


19grams' coffee can also be enjoyed in of the four cafés they are running. You can find them in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte, all located in downtown Berlin.

19grams' specialty coffee can be found in the following boxes...

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